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Terms & Conditions

We know it’s tempting to skip these Terms of Service, but it’s important to establish what you can expect from us as you use our services, and what we expect from you.

These Terms of Service reflect the way our business works, the laws that apply to our company, and certain things we’ve always believed to be true. As a result, these Terms of Service help define our relationship with you

    What you can expect from us, which describes how we provide and develop our services
    What we expect from you, which establishes certain rules for using our services
    Content in our services, which describes the intellectual property rights to the content you find in our services — whether that content belongs to you, us or others
    In case of problems or disagreements, which describes other legal rights you have, and what to expect in case someone violates these terms

Understanding these terms is important because, by using our services, you’re agreeing to these terms.