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Updated: May 3, 2021

Do you find it difficult to save lots of money? you are not alone if saving money is tough for you. In fact, 70% of USA citizens have but $1,000 stashed away! Sometimes we discover ourselves having the incorrect mindset when it involves saving money.

Saving money is important to financial success. It can create a secure financial future and stop you from going into debt. you'll have money stashed away for emergency expenses or that much-needed vacation rather than racking up MasterCard debt.

Money-savings charts can make saving money fun. Having multiple savings charts is even better. you'll have a tip for various belongings you want to save lots of for, i.e., vacations, shopping, etc. Whatever your savings goals are, money-saving charts can assist you to build your savings accounts fast!

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What are money-savings tips?

Money-savings charts are printable charts that assist you to track money for specific savings goals. it'll list the quantity you're alleged to but that day or week, and you'll track your balance and once you complete each deposit. sort of a vision board, money-savings charts make saving money easier because it's a visible aid that helps you specialize in your progress and goals!

Top 10 instances to use money-savings charts

1. 52-week savings

One of the simplest money-savings charts to start out with is that the 52-week savings challenge. this is often one of the simplest charts to follow because you begin with $1 the primary week and add an additional dollar hebdomadally. for instance, in week one, you save $1, in week two, you save $2, week three, you save $3, then on until you get to week 52. If you follow this easy money-saving chart, you'll save $1,378 in only a year! This savings plan is ideal to bulk up your emergency fund or if you’re trying to save lots of for a luxury purchase.

2. Emergency savings

Having an emergency fund is crucial to your financial wellbeing. It can prevent you from going into debt thanks to unexpected emergencies like employment loss or if your vehicle breaks down. The goal is to possess 3-6 months of basic living expenses in your emergency bank account.

One of the foremost important money-saving charts you'll utilize is one for an emergency fund. it'll assist you to calculate what proportion your living expenses are and the way much you'll get to save. as an example, if your monthly living expenses are $1,500 per month, you'll get to save $4,500-$9,000. Don’t get overwhelmed by this number. Simply specialize in setting aside a particular percentage of your paychecks like 10-15% or a group amount like $50 hebdomadally to succeed in your goal.

3. 26-week savings

If you would like to save lots faster than the 52-week chart, then the 26-week money-saving chart is for you. you'll save $1,378 in six months instead of a year. This chart lists weeks 1-26 and therefore the amount for every week. instead of only adding a further dollar to every week, you'll add a further $4 hebdomadally until you reach 26 weeks.

The first week you'll deposit $3, week two are going to be $7, week three, you'll save $11, and therefore the amount increases hebdomadally. It provides the amounts for every week, the balance, and an area to see off that you simply completed the deposit!

26-week savings challenge

4. Saving $10,000

Who wouldn’t want to possess an additional $10,000 in their savings accounts? this might be an enormous goal, but it’s something you'll accomplish with a touch of determination and discipline. to save lots of $10,000 a year, you would like to save lots of $833.33 monthly. This equals $192.30 per week. you'll even break it down by the day, which suggests you would like to save lots of $27.47 per day.

Not sure if you'll swing that much together with your current take-home pay? Start a side-hustle to usher in extra income so you'll reach your money goals faster! this is often one of the simplest money-saving tips to assist you to reach an enormous savings goal.

5. Spare change savings

You’d be surprised what proportion spare change you've got lying around. The spare change money-saving chart features a place to write down ideas to save lots of spare change and therefore the amount you save. it's a spot to feature up all of your extra coins at the rock bottom of the chart and what you’re saving your change for. Check your car, laundry, etc. for places you'll have loose change. Start using cash rather than an open-end credit so you'll receive coins to save lots of regularly. Tally it up and deposit it into your bank account for a time period fund!

Spare change savings challenge

6. House deposit savings

Purchasing a house is one of the foremost significant purchases you'll make in your life. you want to save a sufficient deposit before buying a house because it can prevent you from paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and can assist you to have more equity in your home.

You can make a money-saving chart to assist you to save a deposit for your first home. to understand what proportion you'll get to prevent will got to skills many homes you'll afford without being house poor. Let’s say you propose purchasing a home that costs $175,000. Your goal should be to save lots of 5%-20% of the acquisition price.

So, you'll get to save between $8,750-$35,000 for a deposit on a house. The house deposit money-saving chart is going to be just like the $10,000 chart. you'll get to find out what proportion per month you'll get to save to succeed in your goal.

If you’re watching buying a range in two years, then take the quantity and divide it by 24 months. for instance, $15,000 divided by 24 equals $625 a month. you'll take that quantity and make your savings chart to assist track your progress and balance monthly to make sure you stay on track.

7. Vacation savings

Vacations are fabulous, but they will get expensive fast. to stop from going into debt, create a vacation budget so you recognize what proportion you'll spend. Once you choose your destination, you'll estimate the value of your vacation and use that to make a vacation money-saving chart. Of course, you'll get to have a timeline of how long you've got to save lots of also.

Once you get the numbers crunched, you'll calculate what proportion you would like to save lots of monthly. If your estimated vacation cost is $2,500 and you would like to travel within six months, you'll get to save $416.67 a month, which amounts to about $105 every week. This chart will assist you but an incredible budget-friendly vacation!

8. Dream wedding savings

Some believe you've got to spend plenty of cash to possess the marriage of your dreams, but you'll have your dream wedding even on a budget. Plus, that’s extra money you'll save towards a house or retirement instead! To properly but your dream wedding, you would like to plan what proportion it’s getting to cost you.

Set an amount that you simply are getting to spend and base your dream wedding money-savings chart thereon amount. Be determined to not bust your budget on your wedding. a bit like the holiday chart you would like to calculate what proportion you would like by what date and break it down into monthly savings goals. confine mind the typical wedding costs a whopping $34,000! attempt to find ways to be budget-friendly and stash the additional cash instead.

9. Christmas money savings

The holidays could also be the foremost wonderful time of year, but not such a lot for your finances. the typical person spends over $1,000 on traveling and gifts at Christmas. It’s important to save lots of for your holiday shopping instead of charging it on your credit cards.

A Christmas money-saving chart is that the perfect thanks to steeling oneself against the vacations. find out what proportion you propose on spending for Christmas and the way many months you've got to save lots of for it. the sooner you begin saving, the better it'll be. Open a Christmas Club account to stay your holiday money separate.

10. Saving $1,000

A great goal to line for yourself if you’re not a natural saver is to save lots of your first $1,000. this is often an excellent goal to assist you together with your emergency fund too. Sometimes we will get overwhelmed with an enormous number, so making it more attainable will assist you to persist with it too.

This savings chart helps you save $1,000 during a year. However, if you would like to bulk up your savings faster, divide $1,000 by what percentage months you'd wish to reserve it in. If you would like to save lots of $1,000 in 3 months, you'll get to save $83.33 a week! this is often an excellent chart to urge you started saving money.

Saving money is often fun!

There’s little question that it’s easier to stay with an honest habit if you create it fun. Money-savings charts are a superb thanks to making saving money fun! to assist you to retain your financial goals in mind, make a finance vision board alongside your charts of what you would like to accomplish.

When you have a visible reminder of your goals, it keeps you focused on the end-game. Are you able to start saving? Pick one among these savings charts to start out saving, and don’t forget to enroll in our FREE savings challenge bundle to assist you to save even more money!